Just for Today

Just for Today

Energy budgeting

Today, I will treat my energy as money. I will budget it, save it, find ways to increase it, and invest it where I can get a return.

Our energy is our true currency. Money is merely a symbolic exchange of energy. That's why I must pay more attention to my energy and invest it much more wisely.

Today, I will treat my time as money. Life is meaningless without time, regardless of how much money we possess. Time is a gift given to all of us fairly, around 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Time is finite, limited to a single lifetime.

Even if I were to live for 80, 150, or 1000 years, it remains limited. These numbers clearly define limits, not eternity. Eventually, even the universe itself will come to an end. There will be a time when time itself ceases to exist. It's challenging for the human mind to comprehend such vast scales of time. Therefore, I will focus on today.

I must spend less time and invest it more wisely in what truly matters. This way, I can have more time to engage in activities that matter to me, to those around me, and to experience life to its fullest potential.

Today, I will attain more of these universally free gifts by giving: smiles, laughter, dreams, courage, and time.

By giving smiles, I will receive smiles in return. By making people laugh, I will be filled with happiness and more laughter. By helping people dream and achieve their dreams, I can fulfill my own. Sometimes, they achieve it on my behalf, as I lend them a dream by offering my assistance. By giving courage, I gain more courage and can inspire hope. By investing time in people who value their own time, we both gain much more time.

Today is the day when the past becomes a lesson, and the future is waiting to be freshly written. I will treat today as the greatest present of my life. Thus, I am grateful for today and everything it presents to me. Today, I do everything just for today.