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A daydreamer @smallworld, curator @koompi, @selendra, and @vitaminair. Random notes @telegram.

As an entrepreneur, adventurer, cyclist, and writer, I've had the privilege to initiate various endeavors over the years. In 2011, SmallWorld came to life with the aim of fostering a thriving tech startup community in Cambodia. In 2017, KOOMPI emerged as Cambodia's first recognized laptop brand, dedicated to bridging the digital divide and making technology more accessible.

That same year, the vision for VitaminAir took shape. It's a project designed to create a sustainable living community on privately purchased forest land. VitaminAir provides transformative learning experiences for students, with the hope of not only promoting the concept but also nurturing future residents.

In 2019, Selendra was born as a user-friendly blockchain, with a mission to empower businesses and developers. All these ventures align with my passion for technology, entrepreneurship, education, and harmonious living with nature. Mainnet is now lived.