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A daydreamer @smallworld, curator @koompi, @selendra, and @vitaminair. Random notes @telegram.


Currently Involved


SmallWorld, founded in 2011, is a venture builder and micro-vc with the aim of nurturing a vibrant tech startup community in Cambodia.


KOOMPI's mission is to construct tools for the next generation of creators, empowering them to craft even more advanced tools for the generations that follow.


VitaminAir is a sustainable living community situated on privately acquired forest land. It offers life-changing educational experiences for students, with the aspiration of not only spreading the idea but also cultivating future residents.


A smart contract system supporting both Wasm and EVM, based in Cambodia and built for developer and enterprise adoption.


Weteka is a blockchain-based incentivized (learn-to-earn) school and self-learning platform, crafted with a focus on Cambodian schools but adaptable for students and teachers globally.