A whole universe for free

I am grateful that the universe exists as it does and that life unfolds in its own unique way. The universe is a magnificent work of art, crafted flawlessly by an unknown force. Its perfection is such that even the tiniest mistake could prevent life as we know it from ever existing.

We have inherited this vast universe without cost. Yet, many of us struggle to live fulfilling lives due to the constraints of the society we have created.

If we align ourselves more with the laws of the universe, we may find greater happiness and contentment. Consider energy and water, two essential elements for supporting life.

Each day, over 1 trillion MWh of power reaches Earth from the Sun through radiant light and heat. However, for the past century, we have been digging into the Earth for fossil fuels to power our lives. With our advanced technology, we should instead learn to harness the Sun's energy.

Water, too, is abundant and provided by the Sun. By working in harmony with nature and understanding the universal languages of mathematics and physics, we can address many challenges.

Yet, people often live with limited resources due to the societal structures in which we are born and raised. If one day, more individuals embrace the abundance of the universe and learn to live in harmony with it, our way of life could greatly improve. This is my belief.

Note: A yocto is a scale equal to 10 to the power of -24. Learn more about Yocto on Wikipedia.