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Become Important by Thinking Your Work Is Important

Become Important by Thinking Your Work Is Important

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·Nov 21, 2020·

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It's not fair that some people are treated as more important than others. In fact, a few individuals are treated like VIPs, while many are treated as nobodies. However, life has never been fair throughout the history of humankind.

The reason some people are treated as VIPs is either because they believe their work is important or because others perceive their work as important.

In this short essay, we will discuss the aspect of thinking. I don't mean that you have to be accompanied everywhere like politicians to be considered important. What I mean is that more people should live freely and achieve more in life, while many struggle day in and day out.

Some may wonder how a street cleaner, a low-skilled worker, or anyone else can think their work is as important as politicians, CEOs of big companies, or individuals idolized by the public.

We have heard stories of cleaners becoming successful business moguls or important figures after years of hard work. There are numerous inspiring and real stories about similar cases. Unfortunately, not many can make this miracle happen as often as the stories suggest. Nonetheless, it does happen occasionally.

If we study the biographies and stories of those who have achieved such success, we might find some common factors that we can agree on: their thinking, drive, and vision to improve or break through. They strive to better themselves and/or society, their workplaces, and their specific conditions. Almost all of them prioritize their mission and live selflessly. They want to help others, not to reform them, but to alleviate the pain and suffering of their fellow human beings, animals, or nature.

These kinds of individuals can be successful in any type of work they do, regardless of their circumstances, the era they were born in, or the country they live in. This is mainly because of their mindset. They believe their work is important, both to themselves and to others. Due to their mission-driven and progressive mindset, people trust them, and more importantly, they want to work with them and be around them. They attract good people to collaborate with.

I apply this way of thinking to my own work and life. The work we choose to do is a lifelong commitment. What we do is a part of our lives, and that's why it is important.

For example, the work we do at SmallWorld is crucially important because it helps nurture a vibrant startup community in Cambodia. We invest a significant amount of time and resources in individuals who value the importance of their work and mission. We believe they are the driving force for future progress.

We consider KOOMPI's work to be critically important because it helps open new avenues and provides tools to support more people in joining the field of innovation and contributing to the development of societal progress, both in terms of technology and humanity. We don't want them to be mere users who are taken advantage of by greedy corporations.

We also believe that the work we do at VitaminAir is very important because it demonstrates how the world should collaborate with nature instead of working against it. We can achieve economic prosperity while ensuring a great future outlook.

As for Selendra, it is a crucial piece of the puzzle we have been trying to put together to incorporate all of our work, like a bicycle wheel that consists of spokes, a hub, a rim, and all the necessary parts to ensure smooth operation on any road condition. Selendra will bring the abstract concept of #Blockchain into clear sight and make it easy for a new generation of developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to understand.

The Grood project is also highly important as it will help promote greener transportation in a country that will become more populated and experience worse traffic conditions. It also plays a part in designing and advocating for a better city for people, rather than machines and large buildings.

When you read this part, you may ask yourself if we are trying to be jacks-of-all-trades, wanting to do so much while achieving nothing. If you feel that way, we respect your opinion, and we won't blame you for it. We also don't claim that we will accomplish everything we set out to do, but what we can claim is that we give our best and wholeheartedly commit to our endeavors.

I learned this mentality during my run nine years ago when I ran from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. It wasn't just about reaching Phnom Penh; it was about enduring the run and putting one foot in front of the other whenever I needed to take a step.

These works are important to me and our team that is working on them. I am very proud, honored, and feel fortunate to be part of these exciting and challenging projects. We have many passionate individuals who learn to love and value their work by aligning their vision with the common vision.

I am thankful to them for their dedication, commitment, and willingness to undertake difficult tasks, work extra hours, and still enjoy riding the wave of ups and downs.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find your work as important as we find ours. If more people think their work is important, the world could become more hopeful, joyful, and fulfilling.

Have a great weekend.

I write often on short random topics on Telegram channel.

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