Lesson from Music & Artists

Lesson from Music & Artists

The easiest way to live is by following trends, but the most meaningful way to live is to set new trends.

Artists who create music to cater to popular demand may achieve quick, short-lived fame. However, talented artists who produce music that touches the depths of the heart, provoking contemplation about life, often go unnoticed by popular culture.

Most people are averse to change and deep thinking. However, those who embrace change and engage in profound reflection become the new ambassadors for music because they understand and believe in their message.

When artists gain momentum and achieve critical mass, exponential growth can occur seemingly overnight.

This principle applies not only to creating music but also to developing and presenting other products.

A product that follows established market trends without addressing any specific problem or need may experience instant success, but such success is often fleeting.

A product that educates and enlightens its users, prompting them to think and improve their lives, might initially be overlooked as it may not be very popular.

Products that set and establish new trends while addressing old and new problems will always start small before gaining momentum and reaching critical mass.

Improving lives is a significant part of what we do, whether it's creating music to delight listeners' ears or designing products to enhance users' lives.

When critical mass is achieved, significant rewards are soon to follow.