Need, Greed, Ambition

We live in a materialistic society, and it is crucial to differentiate between the words "need," "greed," and "ambition."

"Need" represents a necessity for survival and functioning, or something necessary for pursuing our passions.

"Greed" is a selfish desire that exploits others for personal gain.

"Ambition," on the other hand, is the aspiration to achieve something significant for the benefit of many. Gautama Buddha, for instance, had great ambition in seeking to end suffering for all, not just himself.

In our journey through life, we encounter individuals influenced by our materialistic society, turning them selfish and greedy. Many struggles arise from unfulfilled needs and the inability to distinguish between needs and greed. Finding one's passion, purpose (as in IKIGAI), and maintaining pure ambition is key.

Having pure ambition provides a sense of purpose, making work an integral part of personal growth. With active engagement, stress diminishes, leading to a longer and happier life.

Ambition is positive, but one must guard against corruption caused by material possessions and power. Staying mindful of one's roots and IKIGAI helps preserve the original ambition, fostering an IKIGASM mentality more frequently.